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CBG’s wide range of real estate projects and developments requires a variety of investors and partners. The company works with government grants, loans and credits through various federal, state and local agencies, large institutional investors, and individuals who create investment pools.


Multi-Family Construction picture

Multi-Family Construction

CBG partners with major institutional investors for its larger multi-family construction and renovation projects. The company has developed relationships with MMA Financing, LLC, a MuniMae Company, AIG Sun America Affordable Housing Partners, and Paramount Financial Group, Inc.

CBG collaborates with these groups to effectively convert 9% and 4% tax credit awards into equity. Through these partners, CBG has developed robust lending relationships, primarily with Fannie Mae.

Individual Investors picture

Individual Investors

CBG has found that a pool of individual investors works well for infill urban developments, which encompass housing concepts such as mixed-use and live/work spaces. Not only does this opportunity provide a financial return for the respective investor, but it allows the individual to invest in the future of his or her neighborhood and influence the cityscape of tomorrow.