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How to Maximize Your Space with These Design Tips?


As apartment owners and dwellers ourselves, we are experts at making the most of limited spaces. Try some of these design tips to create the most comfortable version of your bedroom!

  • Under the bed storage: While many beds have built in drawers these days, you can also go the DIY route by purchasing standalone bins or storage containers to slide under your bedframe.
  • Mirror to elongate the room: Who doesn’t love a good optical illusion? From the right angle, this simple trick will make you feel like your room is twice as big.
  • Decorate with potted plants: add some life to your room! While hanging plants or a vase of fresh flowers may not add more actual space, it might make the room feel less like a prison cell – even if it’s the size of one.
  • Let there be light: There’s nothing more depressing than a tiny, lightless bedroom. Instead, adding sconces or standing lamps will make the room seem warm and cozy.