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(Everyday should be) LOVE YOUR PET DAY!


Now’s the time to show a little extra love to those in our lives who are always excited to see us, never judge us, and love us for exactly who we are. Of course, I’m talking about our pets. Who else? (Sure, if you are owned by a cat, you know that they are judging us, but they love us in spite of our imperfections.)

It’s time to reciprocate. Why don’t you pet your pup a little longer, toss the kitty a bit more catnip, and outfit your hamster’s cage with the latest tread wheel tech. Here at CBG, we’ll just dote on our mascot Violet a little bit more than usual. Remember to share your pets with us on your favorite social media site. #loveyourpetday

If you don’t already have a pet who loves you or you need another best bud, consider rescuing a dog or cat from: Animal Rescue Los Angeles | Best Friends Animal Society–Los Angeles